RICETEC Machinery is the leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of innovative and..

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Our Mission

Maximize the profitability of the Millers and minimizing the loss of Food Grains and..

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Our Vision

To become and remain a World Class brand by providing end-to-end solutions to the..

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RICETEC – Pioneers In Grain Processing Machinery Best Known For


  •  Robust machinery made from high quality material
  •  ISO 9001:2015 certified and CE certified company
  •  Continuous innovation through in-house R & D


  •  On-site installation and support
  •  Easy Maintenance
  •  High operator safety


  •  Over 3000+ satisfied customers in India and Asian Countries
  •  14 years of customers trust


  •  Optimal Performance
  •  High energy efficiency
  •  Low cost of ownership


  •  24X7 services support
  •  State wise service hubs across India for prompt service

Popular Products

Precleaner - Mega Series

RICETEC Pre Cleaner Mega - 1500 for cleaning of Paddy, Dal (Pulse),Soya bean, Peas and all varieties of Seeds and Pulses. Removes over-size and under-size…

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Pneumatic Rubber Sheller with Vibro feeder

RICETEC Pneumatic Rubber Sheller for upto 95% shelling of varieties of Paddy (Raw Paddy, Steamed, Boiled and Basmati varieties). Automatic operation…

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Husk Aspirator Dlx

RICETEC HUSK ASPIRATOR DLX to separate shelled husk from the brown rice. Inbuilt hopper arrangement to prevent loss of valuable grains. The parts which…

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Paddy Separator - Butterfly Single

RICETEC Paddy Separator - Butterfly, separates brown rice and paddy in higher capacities based on gravity.Single Side Tray type Oscillation motion…

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RICETEC Whitener, designed for superior Whitening with less brokens. Optimum results with uniform polishing. Adjustable Whitening arrangement. Ideal…

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Silky Polishers

RICETEC Silky Polisher, precisely designed to improve glossiness of varieties of Rice with minimum brokens (Raw Rice, Steamed, Boiled and Basmati varieties).…

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Thin & Thick Graders

RICETEC Thin & Thik Grader, it grades all food grains and pulses based on thickness. Rotating cleaning brush arrangment prevents clogging and improves…

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RICETEC SIFTER to grade different dimensional grains based on their lengths. It separates tips, small brokens, brokens and head rice. Self Cleaning…

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Length Graders

RICETEC Length Grader, it grades all food grains and pulses based on length. CNC punched cylindrical drum effeciently segregates brokens and head rice…

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